Posted by: juliadodd | March 21, 2013

Family Weekend Fun

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The CS6 Family Weekend occurred March 15th through March 17th on the snowy, beautiful Conserve School campus.  Families had many opportunities to experience a splice of the lives their students live every day at Conserve School.

The weekend began with breakfast on Monday followed by the opportunity to shadow the students.  Families enjoyed taking Art, Spanish, Math, Science, History, English, and Field Instruction right alongside their special CS6 student.  After class, parents and guardians had a chance to speak with individual teachers during parent/teacher conferences before a hearty dinner in the dining room. After some food, the student store was open for parents to stock-up on Conserve School gear and load their students up with snacks and ice cream.  With their stomachs full of ice cream and happiness, families had the option of kicking back and watching a documentary about the vanishing honeybee issue.  When the credits rolled, it was time to recharge for the busy Saturday schedule ahead.

Hopefully families had a good night’s rest, because the action did not slow on Saturday.  In the morning, families could attend classroom introductions and learn what’s next for their student’s studies in each class.  The afternoon brought an amazing pottery workshop offered to all interested guests and residents.  That’s not all.  Those who made the short stroll down the snowy path to the Lowenwood Recreation Center could attend a maple syrup processing workshop and even have the opportunity to tap some of Conserve School’s many, beautiful maple trees.  It was sweet!  In the evening, the students put on a spectacular variety show performance for the guests followed by a jam session in the Lowenwood Recreation Center.  If families wanted to take a break from the organized activities, the recreation center was open all weekend for families to check-out skis, snowshoes, sports equipment, or just relax with some hot cider or cocoa.

With all of the activities and fun, families departed campus on Sunday morning tired, but with a renewed sense of appreciation for Lowenwood, the Conserve School experience, and the beautiful environment.


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