Posted by: evesmallwood | March 18, 2013

Leprechaun’s Scavenger Hunt Leads to a Pot O’ Gold

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Members of Cathy’s and Jean’s advisory groups found the following limerick in their mail boxes Sunday afternoon:

There’s a St. Patty’s Day treat in store for you,
But first there is a wee bit of work to do.
Find your partner from advisory, you’ll work in twos,
And together you simply follow the clues.
So search for the mate who shares your rhymes,
Start on your adventure, for guaranteed good times!
Using your best Irish brogue to read each clue,
T’will add to the fun – now it’s all up to you!

Students found their partners and headed off to follow the clues. Leprechauns sprinkled the clues throughout campus, from the Lowenstine Academic Building to the Recreation Center to the Bell Tower and everywhere in between. Eventually, students found themselves at James House where the pot o’ gold was waiting in their advisors’ apartment.

Then the real St Patrick’s Day celebration began! Gold-wrapped candies flowed out of the pot o’ gold, and there were shamrock cookies to munch on. Students sipped hot chocolate or tea while enjoying some good conversation and time with friends, plus a little snuggling with Lucy the Golden Retriever.

Enjoying such a tasty and fun activity, these advisees were probably feeling like they had a bit o’ the luck o’ the Irish yesterday!



  1. Sounds like a blast!

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