Posted by: Leanna | March 14, 2013

Students Take a Likin’ to Lichen

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Today’s science classes learned all about relationships, ecological relationships to be exact!

In particular, students learned about the relationship between fungi and algae that results in an organism called lichen.  Science teacher Robert Eady began class with a humorous story to help illustrate this ecological relationship.  After that students dove into understanding the three different kinds of lichens that are found in the Northwoods: Crustose, Foliose, and Fructicose.  The students divided up into groups, strapped on snowshoes, and explored the woods around the houses to see if they could find any lichens.  What followed was a lot of observing and squinting into field glasses with no shortage of ‘oooos’ and ‘ahhhhs’.  The students had a blast seeing how the lichen species differed.  They gained valuable hands on experience that will help them to identify lichens that they find at their phenology spots.

Once back in the classroom, student groups were assigned particular questions to research about lichens.  They will present their findings to their fellow classmates at the beginning of next week.


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