Posted by: evesmallwood | March 5, 2013

Rolling Sushi with Nancy and Robert

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Conserve School advisory groups often get together for special activities planned by the advisors. Many advisory activities took place last weekend. Mary Anna, Phil, and Kathleen invited their advisees over to make homemade ice cream, Andy took his advisees out to dinner at a local restaurant, and Nancy and Robert had their advisees over to learn how to roll their own sushi.

Nancy and Robert provided all the necessary ingredients for sushi: nori seaweed paper, rice, veggies, chicken, tofu, salmon, and, of course, wasabi and pickled ginger! After a brief tutorial by Nancy, students loaded up their nori with their desired fillings, rolled the sushi, and enjoyed. Afterward, there was apple crisp and ice cream for dessert.

Advisory activities aren’t just about eating food, though! Some advisors plan special trips. Last week, Jean and Cathy took their advisees to explore Bond Falls in Michigan. Advisory activities are also a fun time to get to know other students and the advisors better.

Eve Smallwood, Graduate Fellow


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