Posted by: Rebecca | March 1, 2013

Mi Generación: Spanish Class at Conserve School

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In addition to our other class offerings, Conserve School provides instruction in math and Spanish to help students keep up with their regular academic progression. This morning I visited Spanish class (specifically Spanish 3), where teacher Kathleen O’Connor does an excellent job of incorporating the school’s theme of environmental stewardship with the goal of learning a foreign language. Today students were practicing their first-person plural imperative verb forms (“let’s…”) by writing down their hopes for their generation, a project Kathleen called “Mi Generación.” I helped Kathleen photograph students displaying their messages of hope, and she’ll save the photos as inspiration for future Conserve School students. (You can see some of what they wrote in the photos included with this post.) Spanish students have also been spending time this week shooting “public service announcement” videos with instructions for visitors to parks. Finally, since today is Friday, students took a few minutes to write about their plans for the weekend – en Español, of course!

Rebecca Deatsman
Graduate Fellow


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