Posted by: evesmallwood | February 14, 2013

Rock Wall Orientation

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Students got their first taste of the Conserve School rock wall on Wednesday. Graduate Fellows Bill Quade, Amy Nosal, and Heather Lumpkin held an orientation session after school for students to get trained on the rock wall procedures. The students who came learned things like what gear they should wear, how to correctly put on the two different types of harnesses we have here, how to properly tie the knots that secure them into their harnesses, and how to belay climbers, along with the rock wall area rules.

After they went through training, students got a chance to climb the wall or belay the climbers from the ground. The rock wall is usually open every Wednesday after school for students to climb, and these students are now checked off to use the rock wall whenever it is open. There will be plenty more opportunities for students who did not participate in this training session to come down and learn our rock wall procedures. Climb on, Conserve School!

Eve Smallwood, Graduate Fellow


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