Posted by: Leanna | February 11, 2013

Snow Sculpting in Earth Art

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Sometimes lesson plans change.

When the stars align to give the Conserve School teachers an opportunity they take full advantage of it.  So when Nancy Schwartz found 4 to 6 inches of fresh new snow covering the Conserve School campus this morning, she knew that her Earth Art lesson plans for the day ought to focus on snow sculptures.  The snow that fell was perfect for packing; lending itself well to the sculpting process.  Before heading outside, Nancy had the students form groups and choose a famous environmentalist that they would like to sculpt.  Some of the choices include John Muir, Jane Goodall, and Aldo Leopold.

All bundled up, the students headed outside to start making snow piles.  After a while of shoveling and compacting snow piles, the students were able to begin carving out their environmentalists.  The photos included in this post show the early beginnings of the snow sculptures.  The students have time in the next few classes to continue their sculpting endeavors.  Weather permitting, the student path at Conserve School will now be lined with the likenesses of these famous environmentalists for the rest of the winter season.


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