Posted by: Rebecca | February 11, 2013

Environmental Science with Andy

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This afternoon I stopped by Andy Milbauer’s environmental science class to take some photos (this is the core environmental science class that all Conserve Students take, as opposed to AP Environmental Science, which is offered as an elective). This class, which Andy co-teaches with Robert Eady, splits its time between outdoor and indoor sessions. Today was a traditional lecture-based class (yes, we have a few of those even at Conserve!) introducing students to the basics of symbiosis, succession, and natural selection. However, there was as much discussion as there was lecture as Andy used engaging examples to illustrate his topics. Did you know that the eye spots on the wings of moths mimic the face of a giant spider? Neither did I, until today! As you’ll see in the photos, students were engaged with the material, and Andy fought the dreaded after-lunch “food coma” by providing a short break midway through the period. The concepts Andy covered are things I don’t remember learning until my college-level ecology classes, and it was fun to remember those college lectures as I observed Andy teach.

Rebecca Deatsman
Graduate Fellow


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