Posted by: Mary Anna Thornton | February 4, 2013

CS6 Orientation Overview

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Orientation has been a whirlwind of activities: an instant introduction to the kaleidoscope of people, places, and practices that make up Conserve. CS6 students attended meetings on residential life and academic guidelines; went through tech training and library training; learned their way around the kitchen and dining room; were prepped on how recycling and composting works here; took long hikes around campus in small groups, visiting each residence house and meeting all of the different campus residents; received their laptops and tried them out for the first time; enjoyed a Super Bowl party in the Lowenwood Recreation Center; and heard about the upcoming weekend activities and how to sign up for them. After all of this fast-paced activity, this afternoon and evening were intentionally low-key, with some options (like pick-up basketball) available for students who were looking for something to do, and free time for anyone who felt like they needed a rest or just some unplanned time.

Students are learning their way around campus and taking us up on the invitation to knock on our doors if they need anything: a small group of students just came by my apartment looking for brown sugar for impromptu cookie-baking. I had talked about my cats, Tiger and Kitty, when students were touring the staff residence houses yesterday, so my visitors were hoping not only to find some brown sugar but also to check out the kitties. I invited the students in while I rummaged around for the brown sugar. As they trooped in the apartment, looking around for the cats, they seemed a bit taken aback to discover not only Tiger and Kitty but also my husband and two (big) sons. It takes the students a while to get used to the idea that, not only do they call their teachers and administrators by first names, we all live informally side-by-side here on campus, more like neighbors or family friends than a typical school staff.

Students have gotten a quick introduction to the Northwoods winter: it was -24 this morning. By this afternoon, it had warmed all the way up to 9 degrees. Tomorrow morning, classes start, including Field Instruction: snowshoeing and skiing is on the agenda. The temperatures are supposed to warm up a bit, and, anyway, all that physical activity keeps you nice and warm!

We will continue posting photos and notes on school activities, so check on the blog regularly. (In a few days, we’ll start adding captions to the photos, once we have all the names and faces down pat.)

-Mary Anna Thornton
Assistant Head of School


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