Posted by: Rebecca | January 30, 2013

Making Cheese in the Conserve School Kitchen

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The weeks between semesters, when we have no students on campus, are a time for the staff at Conserve School to catch up on all our training and planning – but we make time for fun as a community, too. Yesterday afternoon we wrapped up an hour earlier than usual and headed to the school’s kitchen, where Cathy Palmer (Director of Outdoor Programs & Residential Life), Jean Haack (Stewarship Coordinator), and Mary Bongratz (Assistant to the Head of School) led us through a workshop on cheese making. I was surprised to learn that soft cheeses are actually very easy to make from scratch using ordinary whole milk from the grocery store! In about an hour and a half we had a completed batch of mozzarella and some feta and ricotta in the works as well. Staff who attended the workshop got to take some home to enjoy. Activities like this are also great because once we learn how to do them, we can also pass them along to students as an after-school or weekend event. With the kitchen stocked with cheese-making kits, we have everything we need to share this with the CS6 students who will arrive on campus this weekend! In addition to just being fun (and reinforcing the idea that people in Wisconsin eat a lot of cheese), getting more involved with the food we eat can give us a greater understanding of the natural resources that we all rely on.

Rebecca Deatsman
Graduate Fellow


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