Posted by: Stefan Anderson | January 13, 2013

Blogging about Conserve School

Greetings from Conserve School,

While we eagerly await the arrival of the next cohort of Conserve School students (CS6) I thought I would take a moment to thank those of you who follow the Conserve School blog and who have helped make it the success that is has become.

Cumulative Views

Cumulative Views

Assistant Head of School Mary Anna Thornton began the blog on August 24, 2009 with an entry titled, “Move-In Day and Orientation”. ¬†Since then there have been 528 articles posted containing over 7,000 images and videos. Articles have been authored by both students and staff.

In addition, the blog site contains links directly to the websites of the Conserve School teachers, Conserve School’s YouTube channel and Conserve School’s Facebook page. It is our hope that the blog, along with these other online sites, will help our friends and families stay connected with what is happening at Conserve School and that they serve as tools for helping those new to Conserve School learn what we are about.

Please consider commenting on and/or liking the photos and articles you read. We treasure your feedback.


Stefan Anderson
Head of School

ps. I hope you enjoy these images which have been used as “header images” on the blog over the past few years.


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