Posted by: Stefan Anderson | December 21, 2012

Hunt for the Golden Penguin

The Golden Penguin

The Golden Penguin

As Conserve School Semester 5 drew to a close over the past few weeks I challenged students to participate in treasure hunt on campus called “The Hunt for the Golden Penguin.” Two teams of students accepted this challenge and over the course of seven days those teams collected points by participating in a number of tasks.

Their journey started with a search of the Conserve School website for a penguin icon that was a button that took them to a hidden web page where the competition information was stored. As this was a student life activity I hid that button on the Activities page of the Student Life section.

Activities Page Start

The tasks included creating “Peeking Penguin” photos that were placed on Facebook with the photos receiving the most “likes” earning their team points.

Another task had them taking pictures of themselves at a variety of locations around campus including official geocaches, the Conserve School sign and by the barn at the Lowenstine Estate.

They were given longitude and latitudes hidden in puzzles and asked to identify which Conserve School building was at the given coordinates. Here are two of the puzzles, can you figure them out?

After successfully completing these and other challenges including scavenger hunts and searching for camouflage plastic eggs they were awarded certificates and nifty prizes at the end.

The Winners

The Winners

I had a lot of fun setting up these challenges and watching these teams successfully complete them. I appreciated the positive feedback from the teams as well.


Stefan Anderson
Head of Conserve School


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