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Four Months Strong



~This blog entry is brought to you from the electronic portfolio of CS5 student Ana Lindsay. Conserve School electronic portfolios connect student experiences to the school’s 17 learning goals. Ana is from Madison, Wisconsin where she attends Madison West High School.~

Hey everybody, it’s Ana! And since this is the last reflection, time for the laughter and tears. Starting from the beginning of this year, all the way up to this point is just incredible. So much has happened in these past weeks here. It is hard to imagine I will be home in less than two weeks. But reality will hit hard, so I want to reflect on all the best that has happened here to forever treasure it.

First day breaking the ice

First day breaking the ice

First starting these entries, I made a few personal goals. I said that I wanted to develop better mental and physical skills with the environment, ranging from being able to identify plants and animals, to building a fire, to independent camping. Encompassing all these goals into a simplified version, I wanted to become more confident with myself and with nature.

I would say that, yes, I have accomplished my goals. By being outside more, I have definitely embraced my inner hippie and appreciate nature all the more. Because of this, I am fine being by myself outside. Confidence has been built in me to exponential amounts.

I have been going on walks more frequently. At home, I would stay inside on the computer in my free time. But here, I’ve been outside in my free time in most of my free time. I love the feeling that as I step outside and into to the woods, I leave all my worries and cares in the buildings, so that I can truly enjoy wandering between trees and ambling along the lake shores.

Coming to Conserve School has definitely opened up the possibilities and opportunities for my future that I thought I wouldn’t be thinking about. Being here, I care even more about environmental issues, which has swayed me to look into the Eco-League colleges. And after camping in a group for a week or one night by myself, I can absolutely see myself camping in the future.

Looking back to the first day here seems so long ago. But thinking about how I’ve only known all of CS5 for only four months seems like such a short time. And what a fantastic four months it has been. I have learned so much here from all the classes and teachers, to each and every single student here, too. I cannot say thank you enough.

So, thank you.

Ana 🙂

More photos of Ana from her semester at Conserve School.


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