Posted by: mariakopecky | December 13, 2012

Putting the Final Artistic Touches on CS5

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Bright colors, uplifting music, frequent laughter, and creative spirits filled Conserve School’s art wing this week as Drawn to Nature and Earth Art students completed their final projects of the semester. Some Drawn to Nature students put the finishing touches on a book that holds a semester’s worth of drawings and paintings by binding weekly assignments together and creating a cover for their body of work. Other Drawn to Nature students completed their final batik projects. Batiks are created using rice paper, hot wax, watercolors, and tjaps (metal stamps). By strategically layering wax and color on rice paper, the students were able to create intriguing patterns and vibrant colors. Earth Art students ended the semester working on metal projects. Hammers, pliers, saws, and torches were used to create jewelry and other works of metal art. Although the CS5 students will miss Nancy Schwartz’s artistic guidance, each will be going home with a toolbox of new skills, a mind full of fond memories, and artistic inspiration to draw upon for years to come.

-Graduate Fellow Maria Kopecky


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