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Walking Around Conserve


~This blog entry is brought to you from the electronic portfolio of CS5 student Laura Bunn. Conserve School electronic portfolios connect student experiences to the school’s 17 learning goals. Laura is from Madison, Wisconsin where she attends Madison West High School.~

Learning Goal #8: Frequently takes time for outdoor play and reflection.

Here at Conserve, you want to be outside all the time. It’s beautiful here and every time you go out you can find a new place to explore. It was especially pretty here during the transition between summer and fall because as the leaves changed colors you got to see all sorts of COLORS. The colors were a lot brighter than those at home. Plus, here there was literally a two day period when all the leaves fell off the trees and I gained a new understanding of why autumn is also called fall.

Conserve School Semester Five!

Sampling of Outdoor Activities at Conserve School:


58 teenagers
One of the prettiest places on Earth

Result: Unlimited fun and a new place to call home

Here it’s fun to spend the whole day outside.

While being outside at Conserve, it is impossible not to reflect on how lucky we all are to be here. We get to experience 3 different seasons, we have lakes, bogs, single-track trails, lots of types of trees; this is the perfect place to see and appreciate nature.

Conserve is also the perfect place to reflect on life in general. I hope to always be an active advocate supporting the environment. Seeing all the beauty of the wild here makes me realize how much I care about the environment.

This is how Conserve makes me feel.

This is how Conserve makes me feel.

~Laura Bunn, Conserve School Semester 5


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