Posted by: mariakopecky | December 8, 2012

Cool Things in Nature

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Have you ever been amazed by the coolness of nature? Graduate Fellow Julia Dodd certainly has and she shared her enthusiasm with Conserve School’s Field Instruction classes this semester. Julia (aka Coolia) and her friend Jessica Woodend (aka JessiCool) created the Cool Things in Nature website a few years ago to increase awareness about the truly amazing things that can be found in nature. Since then, they have made educational and entertaining videos at various locations around the country. The goal of Cool Things in Nature is to not only influence people by providing videos, but also to inspire them to get outside and find cool things in their own backyards.

Anyone who wants to make a video for Cool Things in Nature can, and Conserve School’s Field Instruction students were asked to give video-making a try. Student videos had to be environmentally-themed and reference at least one cool fact about nature. Select student videos will even be featured on the Cool Things in Nature website! Students and Grad Fellows gathered at the Lowenwood Recreation Center Friday night to watch the video premieres, share some laughs, and eat some tasty treats.  What a cool way to end the semester!

-Graduate Fellow Maria Kopecky

Please excuse the poor quality of the first 10 photos, as they are still frames from the students’ videos.  Because it starts getting dark before the school day ends, many of the videos were done near or after sunset!


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