Posted by: hlumpkin | December 7, 2012

Bumperstickers Worth 1000 Words

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Creativity, communication, and conservation collided in a unique assignment this week in Jeff Rennicke’s Wilderness Voices class.   After evaluating a variety of environmental bumper stickers Conserve School students were challenged to create a bold, interesting and effective bumpersticker based on an environmental issue of their choice.  On the back of their bumpersticker students included an explanation of the message, symbols, and intent of the bumpersticker.

Most Americans spend about 35,280 hours of their life in their car! Bumper stickers offer a powerful method to reach a lot of people with a message.  Students came to the conclusion that bumper stickers offer many advantages because they are a cheap way to voice a message, are memorable, and can be humorous and attract a lot of attention.  Some environmental messages; however, may be too complicated to fit on a bumper sticker.  Students worked hard to choose topics and messages that were appropriate for this communication method and created some very thought-provoking bumperstickers.

~ Graduate Fellow Heather Lumpkin


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