Posted by: mariakopecky | November 30, 2012

Snowshoeing, Tracking, and Winter Kickball

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Graduate Fellows Rebecca Deatsman and Rob Stuart meshed recreation and education this week in Field Instruction, leading a lesson that combined snowshoeing, animal tracking, and a game of winter kickball. To begin the lesson, Rebecca facilitated a group activity that introduced students to common animal tracks seen in the snowy Northwoods.  Next, Rob gave a brief introduction to the different types of snowshoes and went over the components of the typical modern snowshoes we have here at Conserve School.

With new information to put to use, the students strapped snowshoes to their boots and set out on a hike to find animal tracks on Conserve School’s campus.  Tromping through snowy Lowenwood, the class discovered the tracks of a red squirrel, a porcupine, numerous deer, a grouse, and even an otter that had recently slid down to the frozen lakeshore. After winding around on campus trails, the class ended up at the snow-covered athletic fields, where the students enjoyed a challenging game of winter kickball.

-Graduate Fellow Maria Kopecky


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