Posted by: ajlundmark | November 29, 2012

Wrapping up the Semester with Recycled Gift Bows!

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This past Tuesday I planned an after school activity for the students and staff to start getting into the winter gift-giving spirit by making some recycled gift bows out of old magazines and catalogs. Quite a few students came to learn this quick and easy technique to make great looking bows out of recycled materials. The upside is that we use materials that would either be thrown away or recycled and we give them new life! The students were all given directions on how to create the bows, and then given tips and hints as they moved through the project. Stefan walked by and added another delicious element to our activity by donating some left over scones to our merry table.  On December 9th, students will be able to participate in the Winter Workshop, where they are able to make many different crafts and creations that can be given as Winter Holiday presents, or just as “I missed you terribly while I was away” gifts. Hopefully many of these presents will be sporting recycled magazine bows. If any of you would like to try to make recycled magazine bows as well, just look it up online, and there are many great tutorials for them!

Graduate Fellow Mandy Lundmark


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