Posted by: ajlundmark | November 16, 2012

Eric Larsen Visits Conserve School

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Last night the students had the wonderful opportunity of listening to Eric Larsen, a world-renowned Arctic explorer.  On his latest expedition, Eric traveled to the North Pole, South Pole, and the top of Mount Everest all in one year to increase awareness of global climate change, which he called his “Save the Poles” expedition.  Eric kept the students engaged by recounting stories of his encounters with emperor penguins in Antarctica, and being threatened by a polar bear on his trip to the North Pole. He also discussed the mental and physical challenges of travelling in these extreme locales. He jokingly suggested that the students try not bathing for two months starting in December so that they could share a stinky Christmas together, since he will begin his next journey to the South Pole on a bicycle in mid-December.  Through this new journey, called “Cycle South,” Eric hopes to let people know that using bicycles can be a very important way of protecting the environment. He showed several pictures of his souped-up “Snow Bike” throughout the presentation.  Many of the students were inspired by Eric, who describes himself as a “pretty average guy” who just happens to love the cold.

If you are interested in learning more about Eric Larsen, check out his website at

Graduate Fellow Mandy Lundmark

Golden Penguin Small



  1. No, no, no… no one should suggest to Aaron Yates that he not wash for two months….especially right before he comes home…maybe back in August….! Eric, I need your email address, we need to talk about these recommendations and the fact that I’ve been working for 18 years to get him to wash! 😉 I hope someone was covering Aaron’s ears at this point…..

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