Posted by: mariakopecky | November 16, 2012

Dramatic Readings via Wilderness Voices

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Public speaking is one of the most important and nerve-wracking components of Conserve School’s Wilderness Voices class.  This week, students practiced using their voices as instruments as they presented dramatic readings to their classmates and English Teacher Jeff Rennicke. Students chose emotional selections from poems, books, and movies to recite and were asked to pay special attention to volume, inflection, enunciation, pacing, and the infusion of emotion.

The students’ readings came directly after the school-wide Harvest Festival (see Celebrating Community and Environmental Stewardship) during which every student attended four guest speaker presentations.  It turns out the students were not only absorbing content from the presenters, but public speaking knowledge as well.  Students noted that their favorite speakers used visual aids and audience interaction, had good flow and transitions, and displayed energy and enthusiasm throughout their presentations.  These observations (and Jeff Rennicke’s public speaking warm-up routine) will be of use to the students as they continue practicing their public speaking skills during the last few weeks of the semester.

-Graduate Fellow Maria Kopecky


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