Posted by: amynosal | November 15, 2012

Celebrating Community and Environmental Stewardship at CS5’s Harvest Festival

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While it’s true that Conserve School celebrates its community and mission to inspire environmental stewardship every day of the semester, it’s not everyday that we formally set aside time as a group for such commemorations.  This past Wednesday was CS5’s Harvest Festival, a day in which Conserve School expressed gratitude for community and environmental stewardship with guest lectures, workshops, dancing, and a massive collective effort to feed everyone with a magnificent locally based meal.

The day began promptly after breakfast with a keynote address by Dr. Alan Haney, Emeritus Professor of Forestry at UW-Stevens Point.  In his talk Dr. Haney described how a sustainable future is possible if we embrace not just scientific solutions but community, political, cultural, and spiritual solutions as well.

Following Dr. Haney’s address students spent the remaining morning and early afternoon attending a variety of sustainability sessions.  Topics included vermicomposting, seed saving, renewable energy, organic farming, sustainable living, and canning local foods.

Such a day of exciting lectures and workshops can really make a person hungry.  The feast of Harvest Festival was drawing near, but first the students needed to cook it!  Students teamed up with staff to prepare a variety of dishes – everything from roasted vegetables to wild rice bread to cranberry salad, and of course apple pie for desert.  Dinner also featured organic beef donated by CS5 parent Rick Adamski.  Before sitting down to eat, Sage and Maia lead everyone through a sing-along of gratitude with lyrics inspired from notes of thanks from students.

If you’d think that’d be all that could possibly fit into such a busy day, I dare to think again.  Dinner concluded with an invitation to folk dancing under the lead of Land ‘O Lakes neighbor Terry Simeone.

C5’s Harvest Festival is undoubtedly a highlight of the semester.  It would be an injustice not to thank everyone who made it happen, especially Graduate Fellow Eve Smallwood.  Eve spearheaded the entire day and took charge of all the many, many, many details that need to be accounted for.  Thank you, Eve!

I’ve said it in past posts, but I must again reiterate the great privilege and blessing it is to be a part of the Conserve School community.  We wish everyone safe travels and good times during the holiday break next week!

Graduate Fellow Amy Nosal



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  2. what a lovely time and much to be thankful for.

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