Posted by: amynosal | November 7, 2012

Exercising the Right to Vote at Conserve School

Needless to say yesterday was an important day for the United States of America, and its future was at the forefront of everybody’s minds.  Conserve School staff visited the local voting polls at places like the Land O’ Lakes Town Hall before, during, and after the school day.  For some staff and students there was little sleep to be had last night as they stayed awake into the early hours of the morning watching the 2012 election results and speeches.

Perhaps most exciting for the Conserve School community was the political action that the CS5 students engaged in.  For some students these elections were the first chance to vote.  After school a few staff members drove Kate to the voting polls and proudly witnessed as cast her ballot.  “As a member of the younger generation I don’t always feel listened to,” related Kate, “and voting made me feel like my voice was being heard.”  A handful of other students participated the elections via absentee ballots.

Here’s to a brighter future to be had in this country with young minds like the CS5 students exercising their political power.

Graduate Fellow Amy Nosal


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