Posted by: hlumpkin | October 30, 2012

Night at the Museum

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On Friday night the Northwoods Children’s Museum in Eagle River hosted a free event for young children and their families called “Night at the Museum”.  Conserve School students helped make this event a huge success for the museum by volunteering to lead games during the event.  Children and adults who attended were invited to dress up in spooky (but not too spooky since there were little ones around), funny, and creative costumes.  Conserve School students joined the fun by dressing as a penguin, a royal family, a wizard, a raccoon, a lion, Pebbles, a nun, etc…..  Families traveled around the museum playing games, gathering small prizes, and collecting stamps on their cards.  Cards full of stamps were later used as raffle tickets for larger prizes.   On the way out everyone received a bag of popcorn and walked through the haunted graveyard that had a talking, joke-telling pumpkin. It was great to see Conserve School students helping the community with this event.  Though the students were exhausted by the end of the night, they all agreed that they had enjoyed themselves just as much as the kids.

~ Graduate Fellow Heather Lumpkin

I would like to thank Dylan for contributing many of the pictures that were used in this post.



  1. looks like they had fun- and the kids too 🙂

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