Posted by: mariakopecky | October 18, 2012

Combining Art and Environmentalism: Conserve School’s “Leaf People” Come to Life

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Conserve School’s Earth Art students brought their leaf-filled environmentalist statues to life this week as they shared both artwork and knowledge with their classmates.  Last week, the students worked in pairs to create representations of famous environmentalists out of sticks, leaves, clothing, props, and art supplies.  (To learn more about the building of these characters, see Constructing Life Sized Environmentalists Out of Leaves.) This week, the students positioned their environmentalists comfortably in the Lowenstein Academic Building’s Gathering Space and gave them a voice by presenting information about their childhood, education, contribution to the environment, and much more.

  • To learn more about Bill McKibben, Luke, Mattie, and Maeve actually got in contact with this modern-day environmentalist who focuses on climate change through projects such as and Step It Up.  McKibben shared some information about his efforts with the students and they in turn shared what they had learned with their classmates.
  • Ellie and George read a story about an event in Aldo Leopold’s life before sharing details about the “father of wildlife ecology’s” heritage, writings, and career path.
  • The statue of Henry David Thoreau talked about his own life, work, and many interests with the help of interviewer Julia and impersonator Chris.  The skit really brought Thoreau to life and was a creative way of introducing the class to this historical figure.
  • Olivia and Jessie told stories about Jane Goodall’s childhood to introduce the only human who has been accepted into chimpanzee society.
  • Laura and Gwen shared some quotes attributed to Rachel Carson, the woman who alerted the world of the bad effects of fertilizers and pesticides while also paving the way for women in the science field.

Although these presentations were only given to Earth Art students, the leaf-filled environmentalists will remain in the Gathering Space for some time, providing all Conserve School students and staff the opportunity to see the figures and consider their important contributions to the environment.

– Graduate Fellow Maria Kopecky



  1. where is Al Gore’s leaf man? this is a wonderful project-kudos to earth art class!

    • There is an Al Gore “leaf man” made by Brian and Walton 🙂

    • yep I see it. i missed it the first time. good work

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