Posted by: ajlundmark | October 18, 2012

Getting In Some Archery Before the Seasons Change at Conserve School.

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Up here at Conserve School, we are all preparing in small ways for the upcoming winter season with a few flurries of snow striking us already. Certain things have already been taken care of like the docks being pulled out of the water, and all of the outdoor furniture arranged in their winter storage positions. One thing that hasn’t been done yet is winterizing the archery range. Yesterday the students got out to the archery range for an after school activity one last time before the archery range is put away for the season. It was a mild and breezy day with a few sprinkles, but the students came out anyway to enjoy an afternoon practicing their archery skills. A few of the graduate fellows even took turns aiming for the target. Some may think it is a shame to see activities like this one go, but it just means that we are gearing up for more fun activities like sledding, ice skating, snowshoeing and cross country skiing, and, since we live in Northern Wisconsin, that snow isn’t too far away.

Graduate Fellow Mandy Lundmark


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