Posted by: amynosal | October 16, 2012

Never a Dull Moment at Conserve School!


Bored is one thing Conserve School students are most certainly not!  All week students engage in classes busy with activities that combine rigorous academic studies, creative expression, and outdoor experiences.  Then comes the weekend and they’re ready for more!  Throughout the weekend students participate in a variety of events.  Allow me to review what CS5 students were up to this weekend to make my point.

Friday Night:

  • Director of Outdoor Programs and Residential Life Cathy Palmer and Stewardship Coordinator Jean Haack took their advisee students to the see the Paulding Light.  A local mystery, these strange lights glow without any apparent source.
  • English teacher Jeff Rennicke introduced his “With New Eyes” photography exhibit at the Nicolet College Art Gallery.  Conserve School staff volunteered to drive students to the opening night to attend Jeff’s presentation and enjoy the exhibit.


  • With Solo camping experiences happening later this week students were given the option to purchase supplies on a shopping trip to Rhinelander.  Stops included Goodwill, Walmart, and a small organic grocery store.
  • Graduate Fellow Rob Stuart took students to tour the Watersmeet Trout Hatchery and Fish Farm.  Students helped hatchery owner Dino Giannola clean trout ponds, monitor minnow populations, and feed brown trout.  They also enjoyed some fishing and were allowed to take home their catches.


  • In the morning Graduate Fellows provided transportation to various church services in the area.
  • Graduate Fellow Eve Smallwood took students to Bond Falls.  Located in Upper Peninsula of Michigan just north of Conserve School, Bond Falls has some of the best waterfalls around.
  • Spanish teacher and Academic Dean Kathleen O’Connor and Science teacher Andy Milbauer worked with students to prepare the school garden for the upcoming seasons.
  • Andy also hosted his advisee students at his apartment for a delicious Sunday dinner.

Whew!  Conserve School students and staff work hard together 5 days a week, but also play hard together all weekend long.  Truly, there’s never a dull moment at Conserve School!

– Graduate Fellow Amy Nosal


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