Posted by: hlumpkin | October 12, 2012

Constructing Life Sized Environmentalists out of Leaves

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Environmentalists of the past and the present really came alive for Conserve School Earth Art students this week as they constructed life sized characters out of leaves for well-known environmentalists such as Aldo Leopold, Jane Goodall, Al Gore, Rachel Carson, John Muir, Theodore Roosevelt, and Bill McKibben.  Each life sized environmentalist was constructed with a stick frame, moveable joints, and lots of freshly fallen leaves.  Students brought their creations to life by crafting a face, hair, and dressing their characters up in the types of clothes that each environmentalist might wear on a typical day.  The students were very creative with these details, using everything from sticks to grasses to cattail seeds for hair.  Careful attention was paid to every detail, right down to the type of shoes that were used.  Students researched their environmentalists in order to decide upon a meaningful object and quote that will also be displayed with each character.  Later these creations will be posed on the chairs and couches in the gathering space of the academic building so that the rest of the school can visit and learn from the project in an informal setting.  The students will also present information to their classmates about their environmentalist, and they have even been encouraged to write (or tweet) to those environmentalists who are still living to let them know about the project.

~ Graduate Fellow Heather Lumpkin



  1. […] clothing, props, and art supplies.  (To learn more about the building of these characters, see Constructing Life Sized Environmentalists Out of Leaves.) This week, the students positioned their environmentalists comfortably in the Lowenstein Academic […]

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