Posted by: ajlundmark | October 11, 2012

Student Forum at Conserve School

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Every Tuesday here at Conserve School, students are invited to come and talk about any concerns they may have about their time here in the Student Forum. Members of the Leadership Team, including Stephen Anderson, Mary Anna, Phil DeLong, and Cathy Palmer all come to listen to the concerns of the students and to discuss how these issues may be solved. Conserve School values the input of the students, and wants them to feel they really have a voice in this community, and this is one of the ways we are attempting to make the students feel heard. This past Tuesday the discussion ran the gamut from the hotly debated CS5 t-shirt designs, all the way to having additional interdorm time during weekends. Every week the students also pick a virtue to highlight for the following week, to reflect upon qualities that the students find important. For instance, this week the virtue is enthusiasm, and the students are asked at dinner if they saw an example of enthusiasm in their day. Maybe Student Forum isn’t the most exciting part of the Conserve School experience, but it is an important part that helps us continually improve the student’s time here.

Graduate Fellow Mandy Lundmark


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