Posted by: Rebecca | September 26, 2012

Conserve School’s Fall Exploration Week Was a Big Success

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Last week, all 58 of our students headed into the wilderness for our traditional week-long backcountry trips, known as Exploration Week. Broken into groups of seven or eight, each accompanied by at least two staff members, CS5 students headed to one of three destinations – the Sylvania Wilderness adjoining campus, where they spent the week canoeing the lakes, or the North Country Trail or Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, where they went backpacking.

Exploration Week is one of the high points of the Conserve School semester, and students had spent weeks practicing their camping skills in their Field Instruction class in preparation for the trip. However, nothing quite compares to the real experience of spending an entire week sleeping in tents, cooking over fires and camp stoves, hanging your food in trees at night to keep it away from the bears, and bathing in lakes and streams (if at all!). While some of our students were already experienced backcountry campers, some had never spent the night in a tent before. Despite cold weather and rain, all of our staff and students had a great time and have been enjoying swapping stories ever since returning last Friday.

Welcome back, everyone!

~Graduate Fellow Rebecca Deatsman (filling in for Mandy)


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