Posted by: ajlundmark | September 14, 2012

Conserve School Tries Out Greased Watermelon for the First Time

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On one of the last beautiful summer days we had last week, Eve Smallwood, one of our Graduate Fellows introduced Conserve School to a little game called Greased Watermelon.  For those of you who haven’t ever heard of Greased Watermelon, let me explain. Greased Watermelon is a game that many people first learn at a summer camp. Greased Watermelon requires three elements:  A Lake, a watermelon, and a big jar of Crisco. This may sound like the strangest ingredients, but it makes for a hilariously fun time. The watermelon is first greased with the Crisco, and then thrown into the lake. Then two teams battle to see who can get the slippery watermelon to their point zone.  This is harder than it seems at first thought. The watermelon, combined with the Crisco, has a tendency to pop out of the arms of the person who is carrying it, and bobbing about in the water. This is made even more difficult by tons of people running about in the water, trying to get the watermelon to their point zone. Both students and some Graduate Fellows showed up to spend the afternoon goofing around with a slippery watermelon.  According to some of the students, it was the highlight of last week.


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