Posted by: mariakopecky | September 13, 2012

Conserve School Students Become Wilderness Demon Experts

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Need to identify that strange creature you think you saw out of the corner of your eye during your last trip into the wilderness?  Ever find yourself wondering if Bigfoot really exists?  Or pondering the exact height and diet of a wood sprite?  Search no further! Conserve School students have spent the past week working on projects and presentations that can help you identify wilderness demons and decide for yourself if they are real or not.

After reading a selection from Roderick Nash’s Wilderness and the American Mind and conducting some independent research, students in English Teacher’s Jeff Rennicke’s Wilderness Voices class became experts on wilderness demons.  Students who wanted to share their widespread knowledge of demons created field guides to catalogue the demons’ defining characteristics, illustrate their physical appearances, and spark the imaginations of believers and non-believers alike.  Students who wanted to devote their efforts to Bigfoot alone gave presentations to the class that included supporting evidence for either the existence or non-existence of Bigfoot. Both project options provided the students with ample amounts of creative freedom, which lead to the depiction of many unique wilderness demons in many artistic and imaginative ways.

– Graduate Fellow Maria Kopecky


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