Posted by: hlumpkin | September 11, 2012

How to Capture a Stone

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Have you ever met someone who LOVES rocks? I’m talking about the kind of person whose pockets fill with rocks as quickly as the cheek pouches of a chipmunk fill with sunflower seeds at a bird feeder.  Perhaps this describes many of you when you were under the age of 10.  Even in adulthood, there is still an attraction to finding the perfect stone and putting it in a pocket.  Unfortunately these collection methods can be very hard on a washing machine or dryer on laundry day!  At Conserve School Earth Art students learned a new way to capture a stone.

Earth Art, a popular art class taught by Nancy Schwartz, connects students to the natural environment through art projects that utilize natural materials.  This week students netted stones with waxed linen thread and created beautiful pendants that will keep their prized stones out of the Elaine and Donahue house washing machines.   After the students completed this project Nancy challenged them to capture something else in a net, such as a small curled piece of birch bark or a bundle of small pebbles.  They were also challenged to try making the cord for the net out of natural materials such as the inner bark of a basswood tree.  It will be a lot of fun to see the creative projects that the students produce over the next week!

~Graduate Fellow Heather Lumpkin


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