Posted by: csdailyblog | September 6, 2012

1st Annual Conserve School Kite Festival

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This past Tuesday was a beautiful day to go fly a kite. Luckily on Tuesday it was the First Annual Conserve School Kite Festival, as it was so fondly named by members of our staff. All of the students and staff were invited out to our sledding hill to fly various kites that we have for check out at our recreation center. There was some concern in the morning that it might not be windy enough to fly kites, but luckily by the afternoon the weather had turned to the perfect kite-flying weather, sunny and warm with a breeze. Not only did the students get a chance to put together kites, but there was also music, and snacks. Some of the students chose to simply enjoy the atmosphere while enjoying their chips and lemonade while others were actively running their kites around.  It was a perfect August afternoon: relaxing, fun and reminiscent of earlier childhood days.

~Graduate Fellow Mandy Lundmark



  1. What do you think about dangling some cameras from those kites like they do at for the 2nd Annual CSKF?

    • Mr. Porter – Thanks for the link. I think my students would enjoy adding cameras to kites (or balloons). Hopefully we will be able to share some pictures taken this way in a future blog post. ~Stefan Anderson, Conserve School Head of School.

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