Posted by: amynosal | September 3, 2012

Conserve School Pedals Thru Nicolet National Forest

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This Labor Day weekend Conserve School participated in the Nicolet Wheel-A-Way bike tour in Three Lakes, WI.  The 32 mile tour wound thru the Nicolet National Forest and the Three Lakes Chain of Lakes.  Refreshment booths and lunch kept our students fueled as they sped thru the tour (We’ve got some fast bikers!).  A stop at the Dari Maid for ice cream on the way back to campus completed the picture perfect day.

While our students enjoyed the tour, our headmaster Stefan Anderson offered his time and Conserve School equipment to assist any bikers that came across a bump in the road.  In fact, some of our students also assisted a another participant who twisted their ankle on the tour.  We’re lucky to be surrounded by communities that offer such fun and healthy activities as the Nicolet Wheel-A-Way bike tour and even luckier that we have the people and resources to give back.


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