Posted by: csdailyblog | August 23, 2012

Canoeing in the Rain

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Today was a rather soggy day in the Northwoods, but regardless of the rain, Conserve School students went outside to learn more about canoeing in their Field Instruction class.

Field Instructors Bill Quade and Julia Dodd started the lesson off with a pirate-y introduction and a bit of humor by canoeing up to the shore of Big Donahue Lake dressed as pirates, and speaking in piratical terms. After the hilarious introduction, the students moved on to learning about the proper ways to portage a canoe, both with a partner and solo. Even though it was a bit damp, the students laughed and enjoyed themselves throughout the learning process. Students practiced portaging by walking up and down the beach with the canoes.

As the lesson went on, the students learned the forward and backward strokes, the pry and draw, and also the C-stroke and J-Stroke, all very important for canoeing properly. Once Bill and Julia thought everyone had the strokes down, the students loaded up their canoes and headed out onto the open water of Big Donahue, even with the rain dripping down.

~Graduate Fellow Mandy Lundmark


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