Posted by: csdailyblog | July 10, 2012

Award-Winning E-Portfolios from CS4

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Congratulations to the following Conserve School students, who were honored at the CS4 Closing Ceremony with awards and college scholarships for their outstanding e-portfolios:

Izzy B. – Honorable Mention and $200 scholarship

Kasey A. – Honorable Mention and $200 scholarship

Kayleigh D. – Honorable Mention and $200 scholarship

Emma W. – Honorable Mention and $200 scholarship

Leah B. – Third Place and $300 scholarship

Andie D. – Second Place and $500 scholarship

Nell K. – First Place and $750 scholarship

Please take a moment to browse through these outstanding e-portfolios — just click on the students’ names to view them.

Conserve School students work on their e-portfolios throughout the semester, recording their most significant Conserve experiences and accomplishments, reflecting on why these events were especially meaningful, and explaining how the experiences helped them achieve Conserve’s 17 Schoolwide Learning Goals.

For more information and resources related to Conserve School’s e-portfolio system, click here, or click on the e-portfolio tab above to view e-portfolios from earlier semesters.

– Mary Anna Thornton, Assistant Head of School


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