Posted by: csdailyblog | July 6, 2012

Harvest Time in the CS4 Garden

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CS4 students should feel proud of their gardening skills: the raised beds they prepared and the seeds they planted several weeks ago are resulting in healthy, beautiful vegetables that will be enjoyed by future Conserve School students, staff members, and guests.

Once a week this summer, staff members are getting together for a few hours of sociable work in the Conserve School garden. Today during our garden work time, not only did we do the usual chores of weeding and watering, we were also able to harvest broccoli, kale, snow peas, and Swiss chard. (We also picked a plentiful harvest of potato beetles — yuck!)

Those CS3 and CS4 students who built hoop houses and garden trugs (wire baskets) should take a close look at the accompanying photos in order to see their handiwork in use. The hoop houses have allowed us to get a jump start with a number of vegetables this year, and the garden trugs make cleaning the harvested vegetables and transporting them to the kitchen relatively easy. (And the bird houses that students built with Spanish Teacher Kathleen O’Conner on Earth Day and then mounted on the garden fence have fledglings in them! We can hear the babies peeping when we walk by.)

After today’s harvest, we blanched the vegetables, packed them in bags, and stored them in Conserve School’s giant walk-in freezer, where they will be ready and waiting for CS5 students. Next semester’s students will have some harvesting of their own to do: they can look forward to picking, pulling, digging up, and, of course, eating carrots, beets, beans, potatoes, pumpkins, and more during their time at Conserve School.

– Mary Anna Thornton, Assistant Head of School


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