Posted by: csdailyblog | June 1, 2012

Community Stewardship Day

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Last week Wednesday, Conserve School participated in a community stewardship and service day. The day started off with a delicious breakfast which included homemade cinnamon roll bread, hard-boiled eggs, and fresh fruit. After breakfast, everyone made a sandwich or two and packed up the coolers for lunch. Then the students, graduate fellows, and teachers headed out in small groups around Conserve School and the surrounding community. Some of the projects that were completed throughout the day included highway and trail clean up, clearing out buckthorn and other invasive species at Trees for Tomorrow (Eagle River, WI) and the North Lakeland Discovery Center (Manitowish Waters, WI), preparing food for Exploration Week, working in the Conserve School garden, helping out at the Northwoods Children’s Museum (Eagle River, WI), working on landscaping at the Land O’ Lakes Public Library, and working at the community garden in Land O’ Lakes.

It was a great day of hard work, and a great opportunity for us to use our time and talents to give back to both the Conserve School  and the surrounding communities. This is also one of the ways the students are able to practice schoolwide learning goal #2 : ” a student comprehends the complex meanings of sustainability and stewardship and uses these principles as guideposts for their personal and professional life”, and hopefully will continue to give back to their surrounding communities and the the planet once completing their semester at Conserve School.

A big thank you to the North Lakeland Discovery Center, Trees for Tomorrow, Northwoods Children’s Museum, Land O’ Lakes Community Garden, and everyone else who provided us with  a great community stewardship day. Thank you also to the Conserve School students, teachers, and graduate fellows for your hard work and time that you gave back to the surrounding communities, and for the great pictures that were taken.

~Graduate Fellow Laura


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