Posted by: csdailyblog | May 17, 2012

Balcony Light Surprise

A Robin nest perched on the balcony of one of the graduate student apartments.

The leaves have made their debut within the last few weeks giving us all a case of spring fever.  The students have been taking full advantage of the nice weather we’ve been having.  They spend their free time fishing, canoeing, and swimming on the lakes, as well as walking the trails in search of new and exciting signs of spring.

Sometimes, though, those signs of spring come to you instead.  Recently, some of Conserve School’s Graduate Fellows found a surprise hiding on their apartment balcony.  They’d been watching a robin industriously cleaning out its nest on the balcony light since about May 3rd.  On May 14th, they found four beautiful eggs laid in it.  As the four little eggs grow up and make their way in the world, we’ll be sure to provide you with updates.  Needless to say Rob, Greg, and Dylan won’t be using their balcony light for a while.

–Graduate Fellow Leanna Jackan


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