Posted by: Stefan Anderson | May 16, 2012

Service in the Sylvania

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After school on Tuesday I headed out with four students to do some service work in the Sylvania Wilderness Area. Our mission was to check in on two campsites on East Bear Lake and make sure that they were in good condition for the upcoming summer camping season. We made a quick stop at the Dari-Maid Drive-In in Land O’ Lakes to fuel up and headed north on Ottawa National Forest road 6220. When we were due east of the campsites we parked and headed into the woods. Adam became our navigator and using his compass he took us west. With the boggy ground and frequent fallen trees it wasn’t as simple as heading in a straight line, but we soon arrived at East Bear Lake and the Deer 1 & 2 campsites. At the sites we checked for any dangerous situations like trees about to fall on potential tents, raked the paths and tent areas, checked the pit toilets, and cleaned up the fire rings. Then we headed out and back to campus. Thankfully last year’s campers did a great job of leaving these sites in good condition and there was only one small obstruction along the path that we were able to clean up.

Conserve School students and staff develop a special fondness for the Sylvania Wilderness Area so it feels especially good to be able to give back and support it so that others can experience the joys of this unique wilderness area. This activity was done as part of the spring Sylvania campsite survey which is organized by the Land O’ Lakes Fish and Game Club in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service.


Stefan Anderson
Head of School

View Google Map of the Area


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