Posted by: Stefan Anderson | May 13, 2012

Morning Classes at Conserve School

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The morning class blocks at Conserve School allow students to individualize their academic experience to meet best fit their unique needs and wishes. In the afternoon all students take the four required core courses that are at the heart of the Conserve School academic experience. Those courses are:

Core Courses

  • Environmental Science: Applied Ecology and Sustainable Systems
  • English: Wilderness Voices – American Literature and the Land
  • History: History of Wilderness Exploration – the Northwoods and Beyond
  • Physical Education: Pack, Pedal, and Paddle – Outdoor Skills and Activities

In the morning students take continuity courses, electives and/or online courses. Continuity Courses ensure that Conserve’s semester school students keep pace with their sending school courses in the sequential, skill-based areas of mathematics and world languages; and Electives and Online Courses offer students opportunity for exploration of the arts as well as the flexibility to enroll in a specific course that is a particular requirement of their sending school. Students are required to take the four core courses and two additional courses.

Continuity Courses

  • Mathematics
    • Algebra II
    • Precalculus
  • World Languages
    • Three flexible levels of Spanish
    • Other languages available through online courses, at additional expense


  • AP Environmental Science
  • Ceramics
  • Drawn to Nature
  • Earth Art

Online Courses
A wide variety of online courses are available through Wisconsin Virtual School or other schools at the parent’s expense.

  • Students may enroll in only one online course.

Morning classes meet four times a week. A rotating schedule (as shown below) allows for three of those meetings to be 55 minutes and the fourth to be 85 minutes.

Morning schedule with elective blocks highlighted.

I hope you enjoy the photos of the various morning options that I have included with this blog post and if you are new to Conserve that you understand our semester program a bit better.

~Stefan Anderson
Head of School
Conserve School


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