Posted by: csdailyblog | May 8, 2012

Weekend Activity: Conserve School Triathlon

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Conserve School History Teacher Michael Salat organized a triathlon as part of  weekend activities this past Saturday. He wrote the following post for the blog:

Students paddled approximately ¾ of a mile on Big Donahue before hopping on their bikes and riding the 6K  blue loop on our campus trails, and then finished up with a 3K run on the green trail.  Students were allowed to do the entire event themselves or compete as a team.  Individual participants who kayaked solo for their paddling portion included: Ryan, Jo, David, Max, and Joey (Michael’s son).  The teams who canoed for the paddling portion before electing one member to bike while the other ran included:  Kit and Juliet, Jack and Andrew, Andie and Jasmine, Lizzie and Paige, Reese and Xander, Megan and Kasey, Mikaylo and Ray, Kayleigh and Jarrett, Nicole and Renee, and Avery and McKim.

A number of students also came out to watch the action and lend support to their classmates as they tested their physical endurance on our lovely campus.  Special thanks go out to the following people who helped pull off this event: Jeff Rennicke helped out with water safety and photography.  Robert Eady lent a hand out on the water to ensure that everyone was safe.  Carolee Salat and Jill Rennicke helped provide snacks and added to the fun community atmosphere.  The event was a big success with students asking for another similar event next weekend.

Thanks to Michael for organizing the event and sending me the post and photos!

Mary Anna


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