Posted by: Stefan Anderson | May 8, 2012

At Green Festival Chicago

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This past weekend I had the opportunity to exhibit on behalf of Conserve School at Green Festival Chicago. The festival was held appropriately enough in Festival Hall A on Navy Pier. The Green Festival brings together individuals and organizations that are interested in what some call the triple bottom line: sustainable economy, ecological balance and social justice. The exhibitors, displays and speakers addressed all those areas.

Over the course of the weekend hundreds of people stopped by and learned about Conserve School. I appreciate the chance to tell the Conserve School story. I really appreciated the help from two Conserve School alums who came and helped out. The Conserve School booth was right next to the booth from Klean Kanteen and the good humor of the two lads staffing that booth helped pass the time.

I have attached some pictures to give you a taste of what the Green Festival had to offer. The stuffed rooster in many of the pictures is the Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education’s Foghorn Leghorn. He is spending the year with Conserve School to help raise awareness and funds to support environmental education in Wisconsin. More about him later.

A highlight of the festival for me was when our friends at the Academy for Global Citizenship won the Community Green Grant from Ford Motor Company. They were one of five finalists for the grant and they received the most votes cast by Green Festival attendees. The Academy for Global Citizenship is a green charter school in Chicago that is located near Conserve School’s founder’s company Central Steel & Wire.


Stefan Anderson
Head of School


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