Posted by: csdailyblog | May 3, 2012

Many Hands Make Light Work at Conserve School

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During our Wednesday afternoon “Stewardship in Action” long block this week, Conserve School students welcomed Forest Service Ecologist Melissa Simpson, who spoke about her career and gave students tips on college programs and internships that can lead to a position with the Forest Service.

Afterwards, students broke into small groups to carry out campus service work. Several headed out to the garden, where many spring tasks awaited, like harvesting greens and lugging them to the kitchen. They carried their newly harvested lettuce and arugula in trugs that they had built earlier in the semester. (Their trugs look something like this.) We’ve been eating Conserve School micro-greens for a few weeks now despite the low temperatures, thanks to hoop houses, also built by Conserve School students.

Students also weeded and assembled frames for raised beds.  And, thanks to yet more student labor, the garden now boasts blue bird boxes. We’re keeping a close eye on them in hopes of seeing the first tenant move in.

Some students mixed up turkey jerky and granola to prepare for Exploration Week trips, which are coming up soon, and others washed Conserve’s Sprinter vans.

Many hands make light work. Including students in the daily effort required to keep Conserve School going makes them that much more invested in their experience here. And besides, tackling simple but necessary tasks with friends is just plain fun, something we forget too often in our 21st century rush-rush approach to life.

Enjoy the photos of our industrious students working together during Stewardship in Action!

-Mary Anna


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