Posted by: csdailyblog | April 27, 2012

Conserve School Spanish Projects

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Some of you may be asking yourself, “What is the Conserve School Spanish class up to this semester?”.  Well this blog entry is just for you.  Conserve School Spanish teacher Kathleen O’Connor teaches Spanish levels 2-4, and engages her students in a variety of different projects that reinforce Spanish concepts that she is teaching in class and tie into the environmental learning goals of Conserve.  Spanish 2 and 3 recently learned first person plural command verb forms.  To practice this type of verb form students were involved in the “My Generation Project”.  In this project students visited Conserve community members and asked them, “If you had the opportunity to make one suggestion to your generation about what they could accomplish in the world as a group what would it be?”.  Then students translated community member’s responses into Spanish and took pictures of each person with his or her response.  Eventually the class would like to create an electronic version of this project that the entire community can view.  This project will help to give students “a hopeful and realistic outlook, including a personal vision for a better future” (School-wide Learning Goal # 14).  Advanced Spanish students recently participated in an interdisciplinary project in which each student gave a presentation about a Latino artist whose work has incorporated nature-based themes.  Students gave presentations about the work of Olivia Peguero, José María Velasco, Pedro Lira, Dr. Atl, Mario García Miró, Diego Rivera, Vik Muniz, Esther Hernández, and Antoni Gaudí.

~ Graduate Fellow Heather

*A special thank you to Kathleen for providing the pictures from the artist student presentations.


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