Posted by: csdailyblog | April 23, 2012

Two More Conserve School E-Portfolio Awards!

Kayleigh during a maple tree-tapping activity.

CS4 students continue to impress us with their e-portfolio entries,  which document their Conserve experience. All Conserve students record and reflect on their Conserve School experiences through their e-portfolios. Completed e-portfolios have at least eight web pages, each of which relates an experience at Conserve School to one of the school’s learning goals. Teachers and administrators, who serve as student advisors, check on their advisees’ e-portfolios regularly, comment on new entries as they are posted, and nominate the most outstanding posts for special recognition. Every few weeks a panel of staff members evaluates all the nominated e-portfolio pages and chooses the most outstanding — not an easy task! Students who win awards are recognized during lunch-time community meetings and receive an awards certificate and a gift certificate to the school store.

Xander with a group project: a map that depicts paper-making history.

Our most recent e-portfolio award winners are Kayleigh and Xander. Kayleigh won an award for her third e-portfolio entry, which focuses on the beauty and fragility of the winter landscape, and Xander won an award for his fourth e-portfolio entry, which focuses on the legacy of James R. Lowenstine, Conserve School’s founder. You can see their award-winning pages by clicking on the links below. Please take time to read over these thoughtful, engaging, and delightful entries.

Kayleigh’s e-portfolio page.
Xander’s e-portfolio page.


– Mary Anna


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