Posted by: Stefan Anderson | March 20, 2012

Spring Family Weekend

Families traveled from across the country to join their students at Conserve School this past weekend.

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The weekend began Thursday evening for many families as they arrived and checked into the guest dorms on campus.

On Friday many families took advantage of the opportunity to shadow their students during the academic day. They found themselves having interesting experiences including building a fire in English class, throwing pots in ceramics, and tapping maple trees in Field Instruction.

On Saturday morning parents had the opportunity to travel their students’ schedules as they went from class to class for short presentations from the teachers on what is in store for their children as the semester progresses. In the afternoon, after hearing from Head of School Stefan Anderson parents had the chance to meet with teachers and advisors during individual conference time. Many students took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and took their families on walking tours of Conserve School’s 1200 acre campus.

The main event on Saturday evening was the student produced, directed, and performed Variety Show. The show was organized by the SEAL team. The Student Environmental Alliance of Lowenwood (SEAL) master of ceremonies used the breaks between the acts to share some of what they are working on with the audience.

It was great reconnecting with parents and sharing what we are doing. We hope to see them back on campus in June for the Closing Weekend.

~Stefan Anderson, Head of School


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