Posted by: Stefan Anderson | February 24, 2012

World Traveling Student Shares Photography

Xander with some of his photos on display in the Lowenstine Academic Building

Conserve School is fortunate to attract students from across the country and around the world that bring with them a wide range of talents and unique stories. The best part about this is when they share those talents and stories. This week one of our students gave our semester school community a look at how he sees the world. The following is the text that accompanied his photographic installation.

My name is Xander, I am currently 17 and from Wheaton, Illinois. Throughout my life I have been blessed to explore this amazing and beautiful world. Many of the places I have traveled to have been perceived as very poor, depressed, and dangerous countries, but this is not entirely true. Many of the places I have traveled to are rich with beauty and happiness from a cultural perspective. Not many people have had the chances that I’ve had, to see every aspect of this world as it truly is. It is my goal that my photographs will open up a door of understanding; to let everyone see life the way I see it.

I try to go for somewhat of an anthropological and cultural theme when I’m taking pictures. When doing this, I am not actually trying to get the “perfect” shot. I try to just capture life the way life is where ever I am. Life is beautiful everywhere, sometimes the beauty is hard to find. Finding it is my mission.

Thank you Xander for sharing these impressive, beautiful and thought provoking images. I have attached a view of the photographs here. You can find more photography by Xander at his Flickr site: Click Here. You can also click on the images below to go to Xander’s Flickr site.

Stefan Anderson, Head of School

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  1. Xander, you are doing so many impressive things, and at a young age of 17! Your pictures are wonderful and full of meaning. Your great grandpa Kenyon was into photography, too. I bet he is smiling! I am very proud if you. Grandma

  2. You don’t know me Xander, but your Mom and I were friends in HB when we were in HS. These pictures are amazing. You are indeed a blessed young man.

    • Thanks!

  3. Good job Xander. Nice pics. I’m confident that you’ll do well and learn many new things at the Conserve School.

    • Thanks Don!

  4. I’ve spent a total of 4 weeks in Africa. I’ve been there on two different trips.

  5. Those are the best pictures Xander! Nice work!
    I especially love the pictures of the gorillas!!!! Did you spend a lot of time out there? Its so true that we have feelings of FEAR of something like that, but look how close you got!! Totally EPIC.

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