Posted by: csdailyblog | February 13, 2012

Gym Class Conserve School Style

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You won’t find your typical gym class here at Conserve School; instead, you’ll find a class where students are actively learning how to snowshoe, cross country ski, winter camp, bike, use a map and compass, backpack, and canoe.  Along with these outdoor skills, students will also be participating in environmental education-focused activities such as bird-watching, tree identification, and wildlife observations.  Two main goals of the Field Instruction class are to prepare students to feel confident in the outdoors and to acquire the skills they need for their 2-day solo experience and 5-day wilderness exploration trip towards the end of the semester.  This past week, the CS4 students started off class with lessons in snowshoeing and cross country skiing.  This week they will be practicing their rock climbing skills and safety on the indoor climbing wall at Conserve and working on winter camping skills.

A special thank you to University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Grad Fellow Program Coordinator Fran McReynolds for the pictures.

~Graduate Fellow Laura



  1. […] Conserve School Semester which allows the students to put all the skills that they learned during Field Instruction class into practice.  There are eight to ten students along with two staff members in each […]

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